5 Great Chances to Work with Celebrities

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Сelebrity life looks like fun. For most of us it’s impossible to get a stardom phone number until you star in the next blockbuster.  But you can be a part of any celebrity’s life, another words you can be a part of the action.  Many people have built successful career by working with celebrities.  

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Here are 7 careers that give you a great chance to work with celebrities: 

#1 Nanny

Many celebrities are now starting their own families. Some adopt children while others give birth to them. We all know that it is not easy task to raise a child without any help, that is why a nanny are in high demand. Who knows, maybe you are the next nanny for celebrity’s child. Assignments may be different depending on the family of celebrity. You can play with the children, doing their laundry or cooking. Nanny Jobs - click here

#2 Event Planner

Nobody likes party more than celebrities, and usually they need to hire a person who can perfectly arrange events and each its detail from food to music to décor. If you have a passion for throwing the biggest parties, weddings, birthday bashes or another event, then this would be the perfect job for youEvent Planner Jobs - click here

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#3 Personal Assistant

Many actor and actress need a personal assistant who is hardworking and can manage all things of a celebrity. From paying bills to shopping for gifts, the personal assistant take care every part a star's life. Personal Assistant Jobs - click here 

#4 Makeup Artist

A makeup artist is a key part of celebrities' daily life, because they always need to look their best. Every time celebrities leave the house, photographers can make their photos and place their picture on the cover of magazine. When the celebrity is in front of a camera makeup artists must be sure that a celebrity face is perfect. Makeup Artist Jobs - click here

#5 Personal Tutor

Often famous people are away from home many days. That is why they take private teachers for children. Private tutors make sure the educational needs of a celebrity kids.  Tutor Jobs - click here

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#6 Chef

Majority celebrities try to eat healthy to keep physiques trim. But they do not have time to prepare healthy meals because most of the time they are on the go. And often celebrities employ personal chefs who can cook for them.  So, your job would be to prepare healthy meals for them. In addition personal chefs can provide food for any parties the celebrities are can have.  Chef Jobs - click here

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#7 Security Guard 

Many celebrities don't leave home without a personal security because there can be strangers who want to get too close for a celebrity. Bodyguards help keep fans at a safety distance, so the star feels secured.  Security Guard Jobs - click here



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