5 Honest Reasons Why You Are Still Single

12.06.2015 91755

Some people don't want to be in a relationship, which is absolutely normal. But there are people who want to find "the one", but are failing over and over. Maybe it wasn't the right person. Or there could be another reason for your loneliness. Here is the list of possible mistakes you've been making:

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You have an unrealistic expectations.

Maybe the reason you are still single is that you limit yourself with some types and standards. A lot of people are expecting for a "perfect guy" or a "perfect girl" which is absolutely unrealistic. While you are just sitting and waiting for "the one" to fall from the sky there’s a good chance that you’re bypassing many wonderful potential partners.

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Remember that someone who has all those qualities you've dreamed off still can be an awful person. So be honest with yourself and make yourself a favor - stop setting boundaries and give people a chance. They may surprise you in the best way.


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