5 Job-Hunting Mistakes You Don't Want To Make

22.06.2015 17888

Job searching can make anyone feel negative and depressed. People (smart, seasoned, and well-connected people!) are constantly asking for advice, so it's still a tad shocking to see the mistakes people make. Making the right impression matters and even the smartest people do some less than intelligent things while job-searching. Whether you’re just starting your job search or you’re feeling like it’s taking forever, here’s the 5 mistakes you don't want to make:

Lack of job focus

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Sometimes a job search can also be an opportunity to rethink your career. It's possible you're doing not quite what you've wanted. If you have a desire to try something else - it might be the right time. So you need to set your goal and go for it. Determine it, and be specific. You don't want to have "a management job" or "a job with a dynamic fast growing business." If you want to be successful at your job you have to love it. And the hiring manager knows it. Having vague goals will not help you. Such unfocused job-seekers fail to appear interested in anything but getting on someone's payroll. Pay attention to the "must have" vs. "nice to have" requirements.


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