5 Money Strategies You May Want To Reconsider

23.06.2015 12651

Some money lessons are drilled into our brains from an early age. Like remembering to balance your checkbook every week. Yeah, sorry, that's not happening anymore. Technology and new ways of thinking have made some of the most common ways of thinking about money obsolete. Are you still following any of these rules? You may want to reconsider. Here are 5 money strategies that you can do online and save your time. Because, being smart with money will never get out of style.

Balancing Your Checkbook

Can you remember it? When was the last time you balanced your checkbook - in the actual checkbook? For those of us who are too preoccupied with life to sharpen a pencil and do the math every time a bank statement arrives, online banking has been a godsend. Now, with just a few clicks of the mouse, we can check our account balance to avoid overdraft charges, pay off credit card balances before they accrue interest, check investments and move them to more lucrative alternatives, and transfer money between accounts.


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