5 Phrases That Will Get Anything What You Want

20.10.2015 36022

Tell me, who wouldn't want to get anything they want from anyone they know? This includes bosses, co-workers, customers, and even family members. All you need to get what you want is to choose the right words. According to Wendy Capland - executive coach and a best-selling author, - there are phrases that increase our effectiveness in communicating clearly and make our ability to get what we want higher. Here are 5 of them:

"What I Hear You Say Is..."

The first phrase that lawyers learn is this one. This simple, yet powerful phrase helps to clarify the question and shows what a great listener you are. It is used when a person is describing a problem or a situation he or she is facing. When you are paraphrasing their comments it helps to make sure you properly understood whatever they are telling you. This phrase might surprise you even if you think that you are a good listener. Because, sometimes what we understood and what the person intended to say are totally different things. And misunderstandings lead to stupid arguments. The other thing this phrase helps you to do is to let the person you are talking to see that you've heard what they have said and that you value their thoughts. And when a person feels valued he or she is more likely to do what you'll ask.


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