5 Phrases To Improve Your Leadership

17.09.2015 25554

Words you are speaking to your team are really powerful. Words have a lasting impact on everyone's lives both for good and for bad. A good leader needs to be aware of the power of their words and be careful not to use them carelessly. Whether you are speaking to your client, motivating your team or simply having a small talk before the meeting or a chatter around the water cooler - you want to make sure you use phrases that are improving your leadership. Luckily for you, we have gathered a couple of such magical-powered phrases that you can use. And it doesn't matter whether you are a vice-president of the company or an HR manager. This 5 phrases will improve your leadership and earn you some respect:

"Let Me Write That Down"

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If there was at least one time you forgot important information or failed to keep your promise - you might want to use this phrase more often. And let's be honest - we all are so busy sometimes that we forget to eat. The bad news is when manager starts to forget things, fail to keep up promises, or become disorganized, it hurts not only them, but their entire team. So if someone asks you to do a favor, or just keeps you informed - write that down. And do it so they can see. Just say: "That is important, let me write that down" - and your team will know that you are paying attention.


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