5 Reasons Why You Should Send Your Resume Anyway

26.04.2016 8217

At first, we should say that there's a big difference between a candidate who is not perfect for the job, and a candidate who doesn't fit at all. It is unlikely that a pharmacist will land an engineering job. But, if you were a sales manager and want to land a job in marketing - it could easily be done. Your underqualification can be not that big problem. Maybe, you have a lot of experience, but don't have a degree in this area. Or you've worked for a while on a similar job, but lacking of some specific skill on required level. As much as other dozens of applicants, who are not the best fit for the job - you have a chance. Here is why:

Personality is more important than the resume

Hiring managers often invite underqualified applicants on interview, because they know that resume cannot tell everything about a person. Everyone's reading the same advice blogs, getting similar degrees, and applying the same “tricks” to their applications. And you can list all of your accomplishments on your CV, but it will never show how interesting, honest and sincere you are.

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