5 Small Steps That Will Pave the Way Your Career

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First of all, your career growth depends on the radical change of occupation. It is considered to be quite risky, increasingly specialists of different ages think about such a possibility. The reasons are different - low wages, economic crisis, uncertain career prospects or the initial wrong choice of the profession. Constant dissatisfaction causes the feeling of tiredness and aggression, which may eventually lead to the depression.

The recommendations of Job.Naij will help you understand how to make the right decision and do not get lost during such an important period of your life.

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Confidence in your choice

Unsure and hesitant person is unlikely to succeed in a career plan and that is why a firm decision to change your own life is the essential condition. Try to determine the personal commitment to the various situations. In particular, many workers will unpleasantly be surprised if it turns out that their favorite business can bring less revenue than the previous job. Another variant is that you are to work more hours, especially in the initial stages. If these difficulties do not stop it, the first important steps have already been made.

Assess your professional skills

Determine the skills that are needed for a new post and highlight the qualities that you are missing out. Before changing the previous job, you need to gain practical knowledge and experience. There are many ways for professional development: specialized training courses, master classes and trainings etc. Everything depends on your budget and time available, although some uses only books and instructional videos.

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During the first working days listen carefully to all the rules and instructions, remember the necessary information and write it down in a special notebook. In the team select the good professionals and oversee the performance of their work. In the best case you will soon notice that the need for further consultation has disappeared, and in the worst - you will find out that the change of occupation was a huge mistake.

Keep in touch with former staff

A positive frame of mind is the half of the success and one of the key components of a good future, but you have to be mentally prepared for the fact that the new profession will not always match your interests and new co-workers may not be responsive enough. Take your time to break off relations with former colleagues, maybe some of them will provide a serious support and give the necessary advice in the difficult moments. The presence of beneficial business relationships is a pretty useful thing; it is possible that some of the previous workers will become your first client.

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Find the common ground

Even at first glance two very different fields of activity may have a lot in common. Gained experience and professional qualities sometimes help out on a new post and assist to adapt more quickly to the changes. For example, such skills of a lawyer as logical thinking, the ability to make decisions quickly and initiative are very useful for the designer or journalist. In addition, the CV with such a list of advantages would look quite attractive to other employers. For a large number of directors work experience does not play a primary role and many candidates change their specialty due to the successful job interview where all of them have a good possibility to prove their worth to the company.

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Try to combine work with study

One of the most beneficial ways to change one profession into another is the combination of study with work (parallel education for a new profession). This variant is suitable for anyone who has the opportunity to highlight a few hours of time daily to gain knowledge. However, it is difficult to find a person who hurries to the university or courses with pleasure after a hard working day. In this case, the distance education is the ideal solution where the Internet and modern computer technologies are used.

Stock up your income

However, if you do decide to quit your job soon, make cash reserves for a living and unpredictable situations. No guarantee that you will be offered the job of your dreams immediately and a small budget is unlikely to increase confidence. As a consequence, such a solution may bring unexpected disappointment and make the urgent job search. Hardly a worker decides again for the abruptly changing of his/her life after such a thoughtless step.


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