5 Steps to Boost Your Productivity

24.02.2014 228

Have you ever had a day when you have everything done by noon? Have you ever had another one, when you just cannot keep up with the pace and cannot get the work done? Studies have shown that there are some essential tips and tricks for everyone who wants to boost up his productivity.

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Let’s begin with these 5 ones:

1. Get to work earlier.
This may be a hard one for all of the non-morning people. However, getting to work 15-30 minutes earlier will help you prepare for the working day before it gets too messy and crowded. You will turn on the computer, make yourself a cup of coffee, say hello to those who already got early and check your e-mails. This way, when the day starts, you will not be stressed and be ready for anything.

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2. Drink some water.
Doctors all over the world agree that water is the most essential thing that helps us have a better health. The correct amount of water is 0,3 litres per 1 kilo of your weight. Note! We said water, not fluids! Coffee, tea, juices and soup do not count as most of the time they take more water from your body than give to you. Water will help you feel better all the day through and in the evening. Just keep a clean water bottle on your desk and you will not forget to drink it as you see it. They say it takes 8 days to develop a habit, and you will see that after the habit develops, you will feel much better.

3. Keep a legal pad.
This pad will help you write down any creative ideas and thoughts you might come up with during the day. Remember, do not write down any to-do lists and tasks related to work, do not confuse these things. This pad should be just for your creative ideas. This tip will help you keep your mind focused on work, as you will not be thinking over other ideas all over the day, you will write them down and go on with your tasks. Moreover, when you think of something great and take a minute for it, it will help your brain think much faster.

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4. Do not postpone.
When you have some minor tasks to do – answer the e-mails, make a call to your client or something like that which might seem minor for you, you will feel much better when you fulfill them and go on with the big ones. Sure, you might say that most of the articles suggest that answering to e-mails is a big time waste, still you will surely be focused more when there is no (1) unanswered e-mail in your inbox.

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5. Do not forget to have 5-10 minute breaks.
There are lots of programs that will help you keep track of the time and have a break for 5-10 minutes every hour or two. Some of them will even show you which exercises you may be doing meanwhile. This time may also be used for networking and communicating with your colleagues, drinking coffee or making some calls.

Do not forget that the list is just a brief version of tips that might help you boost up your productivity. In case you have some more, do not forget to send us and share the article with your friends.


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