5 Things You Can Lie In Your CV

04.04.2016 32680

We all know that you absolutely, without exception, cannot lie on your resume. And if you've ever been tempted to insert a falsehood into your résumé to make you sound more qualified, you're far from alone. More than half of résumés contain lies.

Although, more often than not, a dishonest resume is not an outright lie but a truth stretched too far. Just in case you’re thinking about fibbing on your resume, we're going to step back from moralizing and offer you some action points.

Faking Skills

Our world is changing everyday and we don’t always know everything. A lot of the time you just don’t have the right qualifications for a job. I don’t like to take no for an answer. I think lying about skills on resume is acceptable ( of course in a cammilicious world there are always a few conditions). It is so easy to learn something nowadays. If a job requires basic HTML, put it on your résumé and head to Code Academy and learn it. If they ask for basic Photoshop skills, just read some tutorials, or watch a few YouTube videos and play with the program. It will take you a few days to master the basics but just playing you’ll learn the ins and outs of it. If you need any skill, Google is your best friend/teacher.Why would you waste an opportunity if you can learn something within a few days. My father signed many PR contracts before he even started a PR firm. Of course, you can’t tell people that you know 7 languages and don’t bother to study them. There is a big difference between a little lie and a big one. If you put it in your résumé, you should be able to do it.

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What you can fake are more random, fun skills that make you look interesting. If you’re applying for an accounting job, it probably won’t hurt if the hiring manager thinks you speak Swahili and have written an unpublished novel about medieval weaponry.


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