5 Types Of People You Should Avoid If You Want To Be Successful

12.10.2016 9392

People who surround us affect our lives no less and sometimes even more than ourselves. Some of them can inspire, share positive energy and set our vibes to success. But sometimes we come across those who can affect us, our careers and lives negatively. So who are those people, who can stand on our way to success?

Dream Wreckers

Dream wreckers are those who will not hesitate to tell you a million reasons why your business-idea is not going to work or that you shouldn't take part in that dance competition because you'll surely gonna lose. Such type of acquaintances are a real obstacle on your way to success.

They often don't even realize what harm they can make with their behavior. They think that they are simply being realistic. Psychologists say that such people are displacing they own fears on the other people. The question "What if I fail?" is scaring them to death and they are trying to "infect" others with their own insecurity.

100% Pessimists

It doesn't matter what the situation is, these people will always add negativity to it. Total pessimists see only the dark side of the life and can easily mess up your best mood and suck out all energy and enthusiasm. If you can't exclude such people out of your life, do your best to limit your communication to possible minimum. If someone is only going to bring you down they don’t deserve your time.

Passive Aggressive People

This kind is tricky. Passive aggressive people are mostly kind and sweeter than sugar but they will never miss an opportunity to make a stinging remark that can blow all your happiness away and shatter your confidence.

Such people are dangerous to communicate with because they are often hypocritical and never say what they truly think. When talking to those people it's better not to show that their words had cut to the quick. But do not ignore it. The best way to deal with these people is to address the issue immediately. By their very nature passive aggressive types are cowards, or else they’d speak up and say what they were really thinking.

Remember, we all assume this behavior is normal so they aren’t used to being called out. But it’s only as normal as we allow it to be.


Moochers are those who always need help. A small amount of money, a favor now and then. They are never tired to remind you if you owe them something, but also never pay their debts. Frequently, these are people who use our desire to help them in their own advance. Often, moochers don't even attempt to change the situation they're in.

We're not saying you shouldn't help your family and friends. But there's a big difference between helping and letting someone to use you. Relationships should always have some give and take. If someone is constantly taking, while giving nothing in return, they’re a moocher.


Climbers put their interests, their careers and themselves way higher than everything else no matter what. These people are all about themselves and in any situation they will put their interests first. Even in the most inappropriate scenarios they just have to make everything about them.

Typical climber can appear as a friend, but if you or your friendship will become an obstacle at some point, such person will give it up without a doubt or regret.


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