5 Types Of Perfect Employees

24.11.2015 10511

We've all had co-workers we've hated, griped about them and simply trying to avoid them as much as we could. But toxic colleagues are not the only ones you work with. To be fair, there are people that actually make our work so much easier. Those are dream workers and, to be presice, there are 5 types of them:

Dream Coworker #1: THE INTEGRATOR

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The integrator is able to see much wider than anyone else. They can understand the context of a problem and gather people around it. Integrators are the people who wrap their brains around an issue and gather the team they need to find a solution. They are known for empathy, a nuanced understanding, and leadership qualities. If you need someone to build and motivate a team — there is no one better than the integrator.


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