5 Ways To Make A Killer First Impression

11.12.2015 55270

Each time you meet somebody new, they will make snap judgements about you. Sure, they’ve read your shimmering CV, but future employers want to see what you’re made of in person. If you have managed to secure an hour with your potential future employer do you really want to be throwing it all away in the first five minutes? With this in mind, this article looks to arm you with five highly effective tips to help you make a killer first impression every time.

Be positive

Avoid negativity at all costs. Even if you hated your last boss or company, try to put a positive spin on things. Right before a meeting try to think about your accomplishments to boost your confidence. Emotions are highly infectious, and the secret to making someone feel an emotion is to feel it yourself first. So make sure you keep any negativity out of the conversation! If your own positivity is strong enough it will make it very difficult for the other person not to feel this vibe themselves.


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