5 Ways to Actually Turn Your Hobby Into Paying Job

05.06.2015 679

How did you found out what you want to do for living? Did you choose your profession because it is profitable, or prestigious, or easy to achieve? There is no shame in that, we all've done that. But it is not a secret that there are people who truly love what they do. And it is not about the luck. They've worked hard to make a passion of theirs into a profitable business. So if you have a passion, a hobby that makes you happy and that you are good at, you should think to turn it into your job. Here are some proven tips:

1. Never stop

If you want to become a successful enterpreteur you will always have to work on something. If you want to keep your product or services relevant, you'll have to keep thinking about the marketing, branding, expanding client base and manufacturing. You will always search for new ideas and you should know what idea will work and what will not. It doesn'yt matter how high will you climb you should never stop working on your business.

2. Stick to a plan

Write down a plan and a schedule of how are you going to develope your work. By having a work plan that is targeted, it keeps us on track and forces us to focus on the areas that we would otherwise like to avoid. Start from something realistic and keep going. Stick to your plan. If you decided to spare 1 hour a day to your hobby do it whatever it takes. Building a business is hard. And if you have lack of discipline - you wont succeed. Learn how to be persistent, because a dream is not enough until you work to make it happen.

3. Criticism is a friend

Every honest opinion that you receive can work for you. Unless you want your business to be a failure - you'll have to learn to accept critics. Every feedback, every opinion you receive can serve you big time. There’s good reason to consider how you respond to feedback. Research shows people that are better at handling negative feedback tend to be more successful—and those that can’t are less so.Because, you, ofcourse, want to know about all of the flaws of your startup beforehand. And you can be too enthusiastic to notice them. You do need a degree of resiliency and the ability to filter the junk data from the good data in order to improve.

4. Focus on one thing

Do not get scattered on every little thing you want to make in your business. You will - someday. When you are just starting you might get over-enthusiastic and throw you energy into all things at once. There is a greater chance for you to become successful with what you do if will keep focusing on one thing. Remember: one step at a time.Starting out, you can set aside just one hour per day to focus on a key area of your choice.

5. Do not compare

The one way to succeed in your startup is stick to your idea. It's really tempting to start comparing your business to others but it's not the right way. Be open to the new ideas, but stay loyal to yours. This is your vision and it is unique, so use it. Authentic businesses inspire and prosper. Remain true to yourself and your business, share your passions and your mission, but also take time to listen and understand those involved with your business, from your clients through to employees, peers and suppliers.

So, if you have decided to turn your hobby into a full-time, paying job, there is nothing in the world that should stop you. Use our tips and stay focused on your goal. Remember the saying: "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step".


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