6 Jobs for People Who Like Facebook

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Have you ever wondered if you could earn money by simply being active in social media? It turns out, that there are a couple of jobs that might be just perfect for you and your skills. If you are good in writing texts and do not make any mistakes, you will find that some jobs will be very great for you. Right now there is high demand for people with good writing skills and perhaps one of these jobs will be just what you are looking for.

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#1 Editorial Publisher

This position requires not only to be able to write well, but also to be in charge of a team of writers and check their work. The editor is most always required to check if the topics and texts are up-to-date and correspond to the purpose of the company. In addition to that, the editorial publisher is responsible for all the materials that come out on behalf of the company.

#2 Digital Marketing Manager

The person responsible for digital marketing is in charge of company’s presence in social media. The content marketing manager writes blogs, creates online questionnaires to attract attention and advertise the company in social networks.

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#3 Content Strategist

The person looking to hold the position of a content strategist must be able to plan ahead the companies activities and know what will bring the company great results. Moreover, if the chosen strategy fails, the strategist must be able to cut down the losses and to be ready to implement another plan.

#4 Chief Editor

The person in charge of team of over 20 and sometimes even more writers in the office and remote is called the chief editor. Such person should not only have amazing writing skills, but also be able to create viral content, work extra time, edit lots of content and be responsible for everything.

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#5 Copywriter

You can be a copyrighter in case you are good in not only writing texts, but also in copy-editing, looking for new topics, and creating new material from several sources. You should be able to create a new text without breaching any copyrights.

#6 Technical Writer

The person hired as a technical writer should not only be able to write high quality texts but also to be able to look for information in any area he is required to. Moreover, this writer should be able to find consultants in any topic they are required to write about.


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