6 Powerful Phrases That'll Boost Your Career

13.07.2016 1265

You can be the most valuable worker for years but still not getting any promotion or raise. The thing is, sometimes “show, don't tell” works right the opposite and you need to actually use verbal phrases to ensure your boss that you are amazing employee. You should let him/her know that you are not only ready for work - you are ready to do whatever it takes and you'll be glad to do it. Here are 6 powerful phrases that you should use when your boss is around.

"I Love My Job"

It's really not that difficult to admit that you love what you do. Of course, it's easier when it's true. But even if your job is not the best thing in your life - it surely has some pros that you like or even love.

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So, there's nothing wrong in saying that you love your job. Just don't be sarcastic - it can ruin everything. It also doesn't mean that you have to shout about it on every corner - just don't be afraid to say that you love what you do in casual conversation with your boss or colleagues. It doesn't have to be every single conversation, but you shouldn't wait for a New Year's eve to say it. Be sincere. When you believe it yourself - everyone will believe it too.

"This is exciting, I'll start working on it right away"

This is how you show react on assignments your boss gives you. You're gonna do it anyway, so it's better if you act excited. This approach will create a great impression of you. In your supervisors eyes you will appear as someone engaged and enthusiastic. And it's way better than be someone who just executes orders.

"Let's discuss all pros and con's of this decision"

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This phrase is actually a great way to say 'no' to assignments that are absolutely stupid. This way you will save your time and energy. Use it when you don't agree with your boss or colleagues. It's way better than to say that his/her idea is awful right to his/her face. And using phrase “Let's discuss...” you will start a discussion in which you have all the chances to prove that this idea is not the best. This phrase will help you find compromise instead of conflict.

"I'll do whatever I can"

When you use this phrase - you kill two birds with one stone: while being totally honest you decline all responsibility for possible failure. This phrase you can use if you're not sure it is possible to actually perform the task. Because usually managers are not interested in the reason why you didn't do your work. It is more important for them to know you did everything you possibly could. So, tell them that you will bring all your efforts. Even if you fail, they will remember you as hardworking, executive and the responsible employee.

"I'm ready to take all the responsibility"

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This one is the most powerful phrase you can use. The moment you use it you'll see how your career moves ahead. The thing is there are a lot of people who are ready to work as hard as they can, but only few of them are able to take responsibility for teams failures and achievements. If you want to improve your career - you should be one of those who are able to take credit for every fail and success. If there is a possibility to take new assignment, project or something else - say that you are ready to take responsibility out loud. This way you not only get some leadership skills, but also make your boss regret that he/she didn't give you big projects before.

"We've gained more than we planned"

If you don't blow your own horn, no one will do it for you. There is no room for feeling shy if you want to get ahead in your career. When you've finished an important task or project - make everyone (especially your boss) know about how great you did. Remember that numbers are great but you'll make the best impression by telling the whole story verbally. Of course, it doesn't mean you should do a party in your honor - just tell them what you have achieved for general welfare of the company, do that enthusiastically but shortly. And do not exaggerate - your boss will know.

Of course, the talk by itself won't bring you to the top of a career ladder. It is important that your words conform to your actions. So, work hard and remember, it is your career and it never hurts to keep moving!


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