6 Secrets How to Get Good Job in Nigeria

09.12.2014 231

There is a bulk of articles and other stuff like this in the past, but for sure another one won’t be needless. So a few advices to those who want to find a good job in Nigeria.


You should learn one thing - never ask a failure for advice. They normally have nothing useful to say. So if you want to apply for a great job, and your friend who has failed 10 times wants to discourage you, don’t let him do this. Your way is your way. Also, there may come a time when you start doubting yourself, when you start questioning whether you're really as good as you thought you were. Though, change your mental attitude, it will determine what you finally obtain.


If you know your problem and understand it, then it’s half solved. You should know your weak spots and try to fix it asap. It’s the only way to win in the fight named “how to find a good job”.


One of the most important things on your way. Because of a bulk of reasons people don’t get past the initial application phase. Because of very poor CV, bad cover letter and in general - awful letter writing skills. Also, lack of patience when you fill application tests/essays. So you should be patient and attentive. No one needs employee who has his/her head in a cloud on the stage of simple paper filling. And you should start as earlier as you can. You should start applying for jobs 6 months to the end of your service year in NYSC. Doing this gave you 6 month of trial and time to learn your weak spots. And it is a chance to avoid desperation and pressure that comes after NYSC.

Aptitude Tests

Believe - exams are not really a true test of knowledge. Some people do better in aptitude tests than others who were great in exams. So if you fall into the last category then you have to work a lot. We will suggest starting from scratch. Get your hands on all popular formats. Then work-work-work because there is no substitute.

The God Factor

Again and again - what is yours is yours. Probably you’re sadly far from the most righteous person, but you could definitely see the hand of God in i.e. you to be one of 10 people selected from a pool of over 1000 applicants (including applicants from other parts of the globe).

Final Advice

As I said before - start as earlier as you can. If you are finding out how to write a cover letter one month after service, then something is really wrong with you! Don’t run away from responsibility. If you have no experience - stand out on those features you learned through school or what you volunteered for - leadership, teamwork etc. The labour market is the bloody place. So be patient, attentive and let the God helps you on your way.


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