6 Secrets Successful Nigerians Know But Never Tell You

01.05.2015 21611

Contradictory to what most believe, successful people are most of the time ready to share simple tips that might get you to the top of carreer ladder faster than you would think. Indeed, when it comes to success, many of us assume that leaders are not willing to share secrets, however, when you talk to self-made ones, you will see that they did not get to the top alone and you will be very surprised to find out how most of them did it.

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We've recently had a chance to talk to several company owners and find out some useful tips that might help all of us.

Tip #1 Any job counts

When starting out fresh after college or school, some of us think that in order to make it count we should wait for a big job and start in the field we want to spend the rest of our carreer at. However, what most of the leaders agreed upon, was that any job counts at the beginning, and if you are not afraid to be taking calls, making coffee, and getting mail, you will be seen as a hardworking person.

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