6 Steps To Effective Networking

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What is networking and why is it important

Nowadays due to high number of professionals looking for a job no matter whether they have one now or not, it seems pretty uneasy to attract the attention of the employer by sending  him a resume. Indeed, the bigger the company, the more replies for every job opening it gets and sometimes it takes weeks for HR managers to look through all of them. That is the reason why it sometimes may take quite a while for a company to find your application and send you a reply.

Considering this, the odds of you being found by your dream company are extremely low. That is why networking has become one of the most important ways of finding a job, let alone getting a reply.

Why does it work

If you take a look from the other perspective, you will see how the employers are actually having a hard time finding the right person. How hard it must be trying to find a golden ticket in a huge pile of chocolate bars. This has become the main reason why the companies are trying to save efforts and time on finding the best candidate and are now encouraging their current employees to suggest someone they think might fit in. In addition to that, it can work due to the fact that current workers already know the atmosphere of the company, might tell a lot about the person they are suggesting and are most of the time finding the best people there are which are perfect for the job.

In order to find a good job you should have a lot of useful connections in different companies. These connections will help you get a great reference exactly when you need it. If you have a job right now, it is time for you to make the connections for the future. Indeed, network now to use it someday.

Find the right person

There are several occasions perfect for networking, they include corporate events, lunch breaks etc. However, if you are in an elevator with some of the colleagues, waiting for the coffee machine to make you a latte, choosing a sandwich in a buffet, this might be the perfect time for you to make some small talks to the people around you.

Before talking to anyone you should consider several rules:

  • Be calm
  • Smile
  • Don’t expect anyone to like you
  • Be nice and polite
  • Be positive

Introducing – making a contact

In order to make a perfect easy contact you should select a common topic and make a positive remark about it. It can be a compliment about someone’s shoes, outfit or hair, it can be a remark on the weather, on music in an elevator, on food at a party. You should think of whether the comment is appropriate and whether the person you are saying it to is ready to talk. The best part about this technique is even if he/she doesn’t reply back – you did not embarrass yourself, you’ve just saved time on finding out if they were ready to talk and had a practice.

Be a friend

No matter what happens and what may go wrong you should always be a friend. This means you should listen more and talk less, be polite and offer help if needed.

Keep it going

If the person you started talking to is responding back in a friendly manner you should try to keep it going. Introduce yourself – tell your name and what do you do and how long you have been working here. A simple question like “and you?” will help you keep it going. To find out more info about the person you are talking to sometimes it is enough to share something. Do not get disappointed if they stop the conversation or do not reply, you won’t always meet a perfect person. Still, go on and you will surely find someone nice and open. Do not make the conversation too long, keep it simple and in a few questions you might wish them to have a great time (if you are at a party),  or have a nice day.

Follow up

To make your connection work make sure you follow up after you have met. Say hi when you meet them, ask them about staff you have found out.

Tip – the best conversation topics are kids and animals. It is very hard to find a person who has a kid or a dog and is not willing to talk about it. 



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