6 Telephone Interview Mistakes You Must Avoid

27.06.2016 21509

Job interviews over the phone are incredibly common these days and, as a first step in the job application process, are just as effective as face-to-face meetings. However, you would be surprised how many people make simple but fatal mistakes during a telephone interview. If you can’t successfully answer the phone interview questions, you have no chance of making it through an in person interview. Avoid these top 6 mistakes during your phone interview.

You're Clueless About Who and Why

It may not be possible to remember every job you've applied to. The reality is, if you're actively job seeking, you've applied to a lot of positions. It is your responsibility to be able to track and reference the jobs you've applied to by job title and company. In a recruiter's mind, her job is the only one you have applied to. In other words, she may not provide you with the full job title and company name. Don't feel embarrassed to ask for more information or to clarify the job she is calling about. Simply ask her what company she is with and to describe the job further.

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