6 Things to Learn from Nigerian Multi-Millionaires

29.01.2015 100

It is simply to get rich! Seems like fantasy?

It can be done!

There are tips from real Nigeria millionaire, who, at the age of 21, got out of college, broke and in debt, but by the time he was 35, he was a millionaire.

So, in this article are 6 steps that can guarantee you that you will be reach if you follow all them.

Track your money. In current economic environment, it is impossible to save your way to millionaire status. The first thing is to concentrate on raising your revenue step by step. The millionaire income was 3,000 US dollars a month and 9 years later it was 20,000 US dollars a month. Start tracking the money and it will make you control income and discover opportunities.

Do not spend - invest! He did not buy his first luxury watch or car, so long as his business and investments were creating multiple safe flows of revenue. He has still had a  Toyota Camry while he become rich. Be known as you work, not the things you can buy.

Save money by investing, don’t save to have them. Keep your money in untouchable and secured accounts. In no case use these accounts, even an emergency. It will push you to continue your path from the first step. Nowadays, twice a year, this millionaire is with no money because he invests constantly into businesses he can not get an access.

No debt that does not help you to make money. You should borrow money only if it can increase your revenue. Rich people have debts to double their cash flow. And debts of poor people are used for purchasing some luxury goods that show wealth status.

Money never sleeps. Time, schedule do not exist for them, and you should forget about it too. Even if your work day finished, try to accomplish extra work. You must be sure that you make more work than anybody else.

Set big goals as 100 million US dollars, not only 1 million US dollars. Thinking about big goals you get big achievements.

Forget forever about the schemes of easy money!

Follow these steps, be consistent, never give up and work hard.


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