6 Truths Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know

16.08.2016 3447

Andrew Griffiths is a Cairns, Australia-based serial entrepreneur and the author of 12 best-selling books on starting, managing, and growing small companies. An Entrepreneur, Author, Mentor and Speaker has shared his insights into what it takes to be a kick ass entrepreneur.

#1 Don’t Listen To The Naysayers

You have to ignore the naysayers and still do what you want to do. Being an entrepreneur means being independent, but it doesn’t mean being an island. I’ve noticed that successful entrepreneurs seek out successful people so that they can learn from their strengths and their weaknesses. What they don’t do is listen to critics, naysayers, and doubters. If you want to be successful as an entrepreneur, seek out the successful ones and learn everything you possibly can from them. Don’t allow yourself to listen to the negative: “It’s too risky”... “You don’t have the talent” ... “It will take too long” ...“No one’s ever done it that way before”... “You must be crazy.” These are the most common “words of wisdom” thrown at entrepreneurs, articularly during the startup phase. The negative input from these naysayers will keep you up at night questioning everything about your vision and your company. The best thing you can do for your sanity and your success is to avoid them, and if you can’t avoid them, don’t listen to them.

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#2 Have A Vision

Find out your why to get out of the bed in the morning. Check in with your purpose on a regular basis. Sometimes your vision changes and you need to find out your why again. Entrepreneurs have a vision and a sense of being right that goes beyond the norm of those who are drawn to leadership roles in large organizations. They know they have a better way, a better idea, and can build a better product, and they know they’re in the minority—and that’s where they’re most comfortable.

#3 Common Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

You have to make it work and entrepreneurs these days have it much easier to walk away from a business. Entrepreneurs are impatient and entrepreneurs stop before their business becomes successful. Entrepreneurs have to niche down and own that space and if you do that everything comes your way. Another mistake entrepreneurs make is they don’t embrace storytelling in their business. Consumers want to know the person that is behind the business. For example: entrepreneurs have to ask themselves, What floats your boat as an accountant? Get better at telling your story. Entrepreneurs have to be different and stand out.

#4 Adversity Is An Opportunity

The truth is that adversity can serve as both a learning experience and a masked opportunity. There is an offsetting opportunity in every adversity and every obstacle. The trick is to develop the habit of automatically looking for the positive in every negative situation. Each new learning experience makes it that much easier the next time around. In the words of Richard Bach, “That’s what learning is, after all: not whether we lose the game, but how we lose and how we’ve changed because of it, and what we take away from it that we never had before, to apply to other games. Losing, in a curious way, is winning.”

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#5 Fundamental Rules

Have a high level of integrity and never harm your reputation. Reputation will feed you. Be very careful who you partner up with. Your brand is part of you. Be hugely respectful with people. Be in constant improvement. Be sowing seeds for the future. Be patient for the long term. Have an extraordinary network. Help people get what they want and you will get what you want.

#6 Master Empathy

To minimise personal bias and really put yourself in the user’s shoes takes a great deal of empathy. Not by asking them what they want, but by really observing and understanding who they are and what they actually do. Put yourself in the shoes of other people. It’s not about you, but how you can help the people listening to you. From a public speaking speech or a podcast interview, how can you help the audience you are providing a service for? You are serving the audience. Ask how can I help these people?


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