7 Career Mistakes Everyone Makes On The First Job

10.09.2015 30149

It doesn't matter what kind of degree you have, how well prepared and smart you think you are - in the start of our careers we are all newbies. We make mistakes (a lot) and it's good if we can at least learn from them. Yes, they can be pretty embarrassing, that's why most of us prefer to forget about them. But if you're just starting your career you might want to know what 7 mistakes almost everyone commits at the start of their career, so you could be prepared.

#1 - Having Too High Expectations

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When you're graduating from college you think that your future job is a dream job. That it would be as perfect as you always imagined. Well, we all think that way until we face the reality. The thing is every job has its pros and cons, and there will be a lot of hard work and a lot to learn before it starts being at least on half that romantic as you thought it would be. But, a lot of people face such kind of disappointment at the beginning, especially those who weren't realistic from the start. What you need to realize is that any job is not a piece of cake. Every position in every field has its dark sides and difficulties. But if it would be that easy it wouldn't be fun.


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