7 Creative Ways To Find Job

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One of the main reasons job seekers find trouble waiting for a reply from the company is that recruitment managers get lots and lots of replies for their job postings and most good candidates get lost in the piles of replies. In order to get noticed among all these other good prospects, you should really think different and act to be one of those they remember. 

The first thing you should consider is showing how much you want the job, how serious you are about it and how qualified you are. If you combine all three and stand out your chances will go up rapidly.

Let’s take a look at some examples of how others have taken risk to be hired.

However, keep in mind that not all techniques will work for you and you should always consider whether the technique applies to the job, the company and the manager you are aiming at or not.  For example, if you go for singing your talents when applying for a lawyer assistant position, you might be the first one to get rejected. Still, if this interview was for a job that demands creativity – you would be appreciated.

Facebook advertisement

One of the job seekers decided to find a job not via sending resume, but by using facebook ad tools. She created an ad targeting employees of the companies she wanted to work with, brief details about herself. The ad worked, and soon enough she got replies from potential employers.

To do that you must be very creative on the ad text (as it is very limited in size) and be good at marketing yourself – your ad must not only be noticeable, but should also have a max impact from the first view.

Contest among your friends

Another way you might use social networks and contact lists is to target your friends. You might start a contest among your friends and even relatives and even offer a gift or something special for the one who helps you find a job. To do that you can post this info on facebook, twitter, send e-mails with links to your resumes and details about what are you looking for. If your ad is noticeable, creative and applies to your contacts – you have big chances of finding a job.

Big boards

In order to attract most attention, one of the ways is to set up a big board in one of the office blocks with a brief ad about you and a website that has your resume. This technique will get you lots of replies, however, you will have lots of trash replies as well.

Video resume- Presentation in PowerPoint and PDF

If you already got an interview, or have a contact in a company who could give your resume to the recruitment department – you could create a memory stick with your resume in pdf and a powerpoint presentation of your skills and portfolio (if you have one) and let the manager keep your memory stick  for future references. This is one more way of being noticed among the others.

Pay attention

When you are at an interview, pay attention to any particular features the employer might have. For  example, one of the candidates noticed that the office of his employer had a lot of post-it notes on boards all over the room. He decided to use this info, and on the next morning he delivered a small board with each one showing one of the reasons why he is perfect for the job. The board had a copy of his resume attached to it. As a result – he got called back the same day and got hired.

Get creative  

In case the job you are applying for demands you being creative – you might consider doing something amazing for the interview. Good examples are – printing your resume on a chocolate bar cover, offering help in the office (that applies to the job offer you are applying for, singing a song (if you are good) about how good you are for the job etc.

Do not go over the moon


Remember, you want to be noticed as a nice person good for the job, and not as a stalker or a creepy guy with crazy ideas. Let’s take a look at some techniques that were used by applicants and didn’t work – one of the candidates back-flipped into the interview room, the other one came dressed as a clown, the other – send a gift to the possible employer to his home address, the other one – brought a gift for the interviewer from his online shopping wish list.


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