7 Most Respected Jobs for Men in Nigeria

27.04.2015 5617

When a man comes to a point in his life of choosing a profession to endure, he finds himself looking at the list of jobs that not only pay most but in fact would make him proud of himself. We’ve found out that almost every country all over the world has the same list of most respected professions for men. Pretty curious, indeed, as to what makes these professions to this list, well, let’s take a closer look and find out more.

One of the main points for all the jobs in this list is the money it pays, still, altruism, civil service and raising up the career ladder are the features that make these professions more respected than the others.

#1 Doctor

Almost 70% of all of the respondents all over the world named a job of a doctor as one that deserves most respect. Indeed, the person that not only is dedicated to what he does and is eager to learn all his life, but a person that is willing to dedicate his life to helping and saving others no matter the conditions. It is without any doubt one of the hardest professions to learn, still, being a doctor will give you respect from almost any person you meet. Nonetheless, it is important to remember that sometimes the work of medical professionals is not paid as well as they deserve. In this case the money is not the main issue men go for when going for this job.

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