7 Must Read Tips to Build Career without Experience

26.01.2015 144

 “It’s not possible to get a job with no experience, and vice versa you can’t get the experience without the job.” Nowadays, this problem is widely popular and you can be familiar with it, especially if you are a graduate. Probably, you have already had some difficulties with searching a job without desirable work experience. However, you should understand that these challenges will be with you throughout your career, even when you search for senior managerial position. Do not worry if you have not enough experience there are the number of ways to make yourself attractive to employers. Below we give you some tips that help you to get a job without relevant experience:

  • Volunteering in the industry which you choose. Throughout volunteering you may get valuable experience and demonstrate to potential employer that you are self-motivated and active individual. And for sure it will be appreciated by employer.  
  • Right attitude: you need to show employers that you have right attitude and set of skills with help of willingness to learn and develop.  For instance, demonstrate your enthusiasm and knowledge for the role.
  • Compose CV: your CV is your first contact with employer, so it is important to make a right first impression about yourself as the right candidate for the position. To do it you need to include any information which highlight you job-specific skills, strength. In case, if youк work experience is limited consider the following:
  • Skills: which can be applied to the position. e.g. language, computer skills
  • Any Work Experience: not necessarily related to work that can demonstrate initiative, teamwork, reliability etc. As well  some details from the past can make a big difference. It could be a student placement, part-time job or even a seasonal job.
  • References: include contacts you have a great relationship with e.g. your tutor or mentor.
  • Achievements/Awards: you can include any award which make you stand out and show that you can achieve your goals.

So, it looks like the only way to overcome the aforementioned paradox is to find ways to access current relevant opportunities and encourage employers to realise your potential. In the end, good attitude, curiosity and networking will get you right where you want to be!


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