7 Secrets For All-Day Energy

06.10.2015 8409

It is absolutely unrealistic to expect us work all day long with the same energy level. Staying focused and productive for 8 hours straight is pretty hard and often in the afternoon we feel so exhausted that we can’t even think about work. But how you stay productive all day long? We’ve got the answer! Follow these tips to do your best work all day long!

Match Your Schedule To Your Rhythm

We all have a well-defined internal clock that shapes our energy levels throughout the day. It calls a circadian rhythm. On average, after the workday begins, we take a few hours to reach our peak levels of alertness and energy — and that peak does not last long. Not long after lunch, those levels begin to decline, hitting a low at around 3pm. We often blame this on lunch, but in reality this is just a natural part of the circadian process. After the 3pm dip, alertness tends to increase again until hitting a second peak at approximately 6pm.

That is why you need to match your schedule to your rhythm: the most important tasks should be conducted when you are at or near your peaks in alertness (within an hour or so of noon and 6pm). The least important tasks should be scheduled for times in which alertness is lower (very early in the morning, around 3pm, and late at night).


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