7 Shocking Secrets HR Manager Will Never Tell You

16.01.2015 5165


Recruitment managers are not telling you all their secrets and motivations. Perhaps this article will show you some tips on how to understand their actions, words and reactions. This will help you save some time and energy and emotions waiting for their response and not understanding why you didn’t get the call-back.

In modern economy it is hard to find a good job offer in some spheres, and ironically even some head-hunters are experiencing a hard time finding a good place. That is why only those who find perfect candidates faster than others and right for the job get the position. According to this, recruiters pay a great attention to the candidate and rely pretty heavy on the first impression. Considering this, you should pay a great deal of attention to your resume, first interview even more. First impression is now even more important than before. That is why if a recruiter finds some mistakes in your resume, hears something weird over the phone or sees something strange at the interview, you might not be even called back. Firstly, this is because they do not have much time to be calling back all those they didn’t choose. Secondly, they do not want to bring bad news. Thirdly, they are not eager to burn the bridges – maybe they will review you in some time and for another position.

Let’s take a look at the most interesting points:

  • Resume - messy/too big/too small/ contains lots of mistakes/not true
  • Appearance – sloppy/smelly/too casual/too formal/too much makeup/too much perfume
  • Eye-contact – intense/weak/you are avoiding it
  • Handshake – weak/too forceful/wet
  • Parasite words – you use to often ah/um/like
  • Conversation – too slow/loud/fast
  • Behavior – self-centered/desperate/pushy/insecure/awkward/giggly/late for the interview/not sincere

Of course, your qualifications mean a great deal when hiring you. But if you mess up with the part of non-verbal communication, you might never be hired. Review your attitude, be sincere, be respectful and relax.

Prepare for the interview – learn about the company to make sure you dress appropriately and will correspond to its style. Pay a great attention to your looks – have a haircut, buy new suit, go easy on your perfume, makeup, accessories.
Make sure you review all of these points before you get to any interview, and you will have much higher chances of being hired for being a good professional.
The overall image you must represent – is of a nice, neat, polite person with perfect qualifications, ready to work and co-operate, with great knowledge of the subject and fantastic people skills. Also, make sure you check the qualities required for the person seeking the position you are seeking.

Take a look at these points again and ask your friends whether you make some of these mistakes while talking to them, and if it helps – act out the interview with them.



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