7 Tips For Writing Effective Resume

28.07.2017 1487

Job.Naij is the largest alliance of online recruitment projects throughout the whole continent. What we do is striving to provide all Nigerians with advanced career building strategy. On our site job seekers may get useful advices on how to make a resume. Here you will learn the best ways to prepare for a job interview and to describe your career opportunities for the huge profit.

It is common that nowadays the majority of employers expect job seekers to have all necessary job skills to perform effectively. For all applicants who are in process of finding a job in Nigeria but cant get what they want, register for free on Job.Naij and get an access to a range of recruitment facilities of our site. You will receive a current list of available jobs in Naija on your e-mail. Resume posting can give you a jump start for new job by increasing your chances of being seen by potential employers.

On Job.Naij we help job seekers from Africa to write professional resume that will definitely impress employers. Raise your chances to find a top job with the best salary! If your CV title correctly identifies your specialization, then more employers may find you. Experts suggest learning about appropriate job titles in the industry before writing a resume title field. Besides it can be especially helpful to see real examples of different types of resumes in order to choose the most appropriate resume format, which will give you advantage over other candidates.

In the modern age of computer technologies, why would applying for jobs be any different? Career websites are set up so that job finders can submit a resume online to contact prospective employers. Job.Naij is trying to assist job seekers to increase the number of feedbacks on their CVs, so that all Nigerians may have outstanding career opportunities. On our site candidates may get some necessary tips on making a resume.

  • First of all, start by researching job publications directly referred to your field of industry. There always exist some particular requirements that are usually mentioned and you may use them as keywords throughout your own resume.
  • Point out a resume objective. It will help potential employers in getting the right presentation of what your job expectations are.
  • Detail your previous experience. Emphasize your job skills and related accomplishments that may be significant in getting particular job.
  • Indicate education level. Mention if you have some additional degrees, certifications or specialized training. It is also possible to include any related unpaid work you perform, such as internship.
  • It is allowed to outline your hobbies and interests, but just in case they directly correspond to position you apply to. Concentrate the main attention only on what demonstrates your value; leave everything else out.
  • For some recruiters it is important to know whether a candidate is ready to relocate. So, for example, if you look for getting a job in Lagos and not any other place, you should point it out in your CV.
  • Note that optimal resume length is about 2 pages, but if you feel you are good in writing 3 or 4 pages resume, it’s just up to you. But try to get rid of using the same words over and over. Avoiding repetition makes your resume more professional and attractive for recruiters.

For all people who need a job in Africa, Job.Naij offers advanced conditions of job search service in order to simplify in full difficult and exhausting process of employment. Our aim is to help all job seekers in writing effective resumes; we know how to mark out your CV among the majority of the existing ones. With competition in the Nigerian job market becoming tougher, the main mission of our website is to make sure our clients are finding the most suitable top jobs with high salaries that correspond in full to their potential.


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