8 Great Ways To Hide Nervousness In An Interview

30.05.2016 8728

The key to a good interview is showing confidence and being yourself. Interview process is understandably nerve-wracking, and although a little pressure can help you focus and step up your game, too much anxiety can ruin your chances of receiving a job offer.

You might be born to fill a role, but if you fluff the interview you won’t get your chance to shine. But believe it or not, even the most confident among us get a bit nervous before an interview, presentation, important meeting or public appearance. So why aren’t they covered in a cold sweat and suffering heart palpitations like you are? It’s simple - they’ve learned coping mechanisms to deal with their nerves and tricks to mask their effects. Good new are you can learn them too.

Here are several small things you can do to hide that you're nervous.

Just Breath

When we’re nervous, our muscles tighten–you may even catch yourself holding your breath. Instead, go ahead and take those deep breaths to get oxygen to your brain and relax your body. As soon as you can regulate your breath, other physical symptoms--sweating, flushing, increased heart rate - should diminish as well. Try breathing in for 5 counts, out for 5 counts, through your nose. Repeat for two minutes with your eyes closed or focused on a fixed object.

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