8 Toxic People You Should Avoid

26.05.2015 36203

The most comfortable work environment depends on the people that you get along with. However, sometimes you do not get to choose the people you will be working with. Sometimes you might be stuck with people with a toxic attitude and you have to learn how to deal with them.

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You might not even know that the people are toxic until you start feeling tired each time you talk to them, and if you do not know how to cope with their attitude you will find yourself being paranoid and trying to avoid any contact with them.

The victim

This person always finds someone else to blame for any mistakes he does. Moreover, he intentionally looks for how other people mistreat him and makes sure everyone hears how unfair others are to them. They complain on how they were mistreated by their parents, by their friends, by their boss.

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How to deal with:

It's sometimes hard to tell such people the truth about them being always negative. So you can try bring back some positivity. Next time they try to complain about everything in the universe - simply ask them "what could you have done to avoid the situation?".Or you can say that the work is better with positive attitude. It doesn't mean that they will stop complaining about eveything, but they'll stop complaining to you.


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