9 Jobs to Satisfy Your Wanderlust

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Do you dream of quitting your job and hopping on a plane to see the world? You don't have to leave the workforce — or even drain your bank account — to spend your days traveling. With the right skill sets, you could put yourself on a career path that allows you to frequently visit different locations as part of your job requirements. If you want to get paid to travel, consider one of these 9 career options.

Teach English Abroad

Do you know how to speak English? Sweet! You may not realize it, but professional English teachers are highly sought after around the world — and the pay can be decent. However just understanding the language isn’t enough, you generally need a college degree and a TEFL certification (Teaching English as a Foreign Language).

Work On A Yacht / Cruise Ship

Traveling the world while working on private yachts or large cruise ships is an awesome way to see some pretty exotic places. Food, accommodation, transportation, and insurance is covered too — so it’s a great way to save money. Many jobs also provide plenty of vacation time to travel on your own. There are different types of positions available: deck-hand, stewardess, chef, tour manager, entertainment, engineer, and more.

While the working conditions of cruise ship workers have come under scrutiny in the past, some industry experts say working conditions have drastically improved. Pay varies depending on the cruise company and the role.

Flight Attendant

The life of a flight attendant may seem glamorous. Constantly jetting around the world, partying it up in different cities, experiencing different cultures, 90% off airline tickets, hotel discounts, cheap rent, and working above the clouds. But it’s hard work too. The training is tough, the hours are long, and all the moving around can get lonely. However for those with a case of wanderlust, it can help you travel the world.


You’ll need a bit of schooling, and you’ll never quite be Indiana Jones, but you’ll get to dig up all sorts of extremely unique artifacts and feel like you’re unearthing history. If you like science and working outdoors and solving intricate, tedious mysteries, then this could be for you.

Travel nurse

Given the nursing shortage epidemic, there is a high demand for traveling nurses to move around different countries for temporary positions. It’s a great way to explore different regions, with the added benefit of helping others and getting paid.


Want to tend a garden in Guatemala, plant seeds in Italy or farm in Togo? Organizations like World Wide Opportunities to Organic Farm (WWOOF) connect people with farming jobs across the globe. These jobs usually don't pay or pay very little, but accommodation and food is free. Plus, because there is often more than one traveling farmer at a location, you're likely to meet other farmers and find a small community abroad.

Travel Writer

Travel writers seem to have dream jobs — they travel the world, and many will get VIP treatment in hopes of a glowing review. Getting a travel writing job is tough, and you'll definitely need some good sample writing to start with. Start writing for free or on other topics to see where it will lead you. While you're establishing yourself, your pay may not be consistent or even enough, so you may have to do other jobs to supplement your income. You could also start a travel blog to build up your portfolio and your reputation in the industry.

Dive Instructor

Call yourself an ocean dweller? Use your diving skills to teach other tourists how to open water dive. Choose from any quarter of the world that boasts white sandy shores and azure waters. There are heaps of opportunities in the Asia pacific region.

Fitness Instructor

Another job that allows you to travel the world while making money is working as a freelance fitness instructor. You can teach classes on pilates, yoga, zumba, dance, or provide services as a personal trainer if you have enough experience in these fields. Some instructors make deals with local gyms or backpacker hostels in order to use their facilities with clients.


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