9 Key Ways To Improve Your Working Relationship With Boss

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The first person with whom you will have to meet during the job interview is the director of the company. Despite successfully passed the interview, the employee may face another big problem - damaged relationships with management. The most common reasons that significantly change a good impression are the reticence and disagreements in the labor process.

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In the article we consider the most effective ways for building relationships with employers that are needed in order to avoid conflicts and stress. It is a very important point, because the head governs by many factors - the level of wages and the probability of its increasing, the range of job responsibilities, opportunities for professional development, career growth.

Begin with respect

Respect to the leader is the first step on the way to the changes in the working relationships. Despite some disadvantages, still try to find those director’s skills that are worth to be appreciated - experience, knowledge, perseverance, the ability to achieve the intended purpose. The head is primarily a simple person who has strong and weak professional and personal qualities.

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Always remember about the professional ethics that concerns not only a manner of dialogue, but also the appearance. Even in the conflict situations do not allow to express resentment and insults to the boss.

Check yourself

Rate yourself and truthfully answer the question - does the reason of the conflict lie in the poor-quality or inadequate performance of professional duties? Systematic delays, permanent disruption of the working schedule, the failed tasks and assignments, mistakes in the reports make heads constantly distract and lose time. These shortcomings not only spoil your professional reputation and generate conflicts, but also can be the cause of a negative recommendation in case of searching a new job in the future.

Ask Questions

Do not hesitate to ask your boss those questions that are related to your post. Take an interest what the head expects from you and ask for help to achieve the goal. Some working nuances may emerge in the course of the conversation - for example, dissatisfaction with the style and manner of the presentation of information, some recommendations to take an active position.

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Such suggestions often have very effective and efficient effect, because the management will appreciate you not only as a professional but also as an employee who is able to accept criticism and to adhere to advice.

Be able to offer non-standard solutions

Undoubtedly, the creative solution of tasks and plans is the good quality, which will allow the management to see you on the other side. The ability to offer the creative ways that will be able to solve the problems more quickly and efficiently may favorably allocate you in the work community. It is unlikely that an employer wants to lose such a valuable employee, and in any case he/she tries to keep a normal work environment.

Take the initiative

Has it ever happened that sometimes you had to sit without tasks at the new workplace? Especially often it happens within the first days of the employment, when you really do not have enough time to penetrate into the working environment and receive instructions from the bosses. However, try to express yourself and to offer help.

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Remember that the management are closely watching you in this period and making some conclusions. Positive first impressions are often the key to a good relationship with the employer, which help to prevent disputable situations in the future.

Do not allow yourself unnecessary utterances

In no case do not try to prove your boss that you are more intelligent and qualified specialist (even if it is really true). This is a very risky step that could end by spoiled relationship and even the dismissal. Show only the professionalism and your best qualities at work, but always keep the distance from the head.

Perform your work well

"Fulfill your professional duties qualitatively" is a rather banal advice, but many specialists (especially those who have just graduated from university or does not have the necessary experience) should listen to it. Do not be afraid to make a mistake, but it is desirable that your work should be done professionally and flawlessly in a short time. It is unlikely that the employer will forgive you the mistakes for a long period of time and will begin to express a claim. The mutual resentment is not the best variant for work and development of the business relationship.

Avoid rumors and gossip

Never discuss the actions and tasks of your boss with colleagues at work – he/she necessarily finds it out. If you want to improve the relations with the chief, give up the doubtful gossip, because you cannot be completely sure of your colleagues.

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Respect yourself

Do not be afraid to defend yourself in the situations where you are unreasonably insulted for the work performed. This is not the case to be silent, because your professional self-esteem and reputation may suffer. You should act immediately and in the first minutes so that later the situation is not to be repeated. If the boss is behaving so inappropriately, immediately ask for an explanation and argumentation for that assessment.

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On the other hand, the question arises - are there any job prospects in the organization where the worker is constantly in the conflict with the employer? It often happens that the attempts to build normal relationships with the boss do not achieve success. In this situation, it must be thought about: is it worth to continue working in the company where going to work has become a daily routine?


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