9 Ways to Make Career with NO Education

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It is believed that higher education is a chance to be employed in the perspective company and the only way to get a good job. Many people think that it is impossible to be successful if you have not graduated from the university or college. It is partly true, but, according to statistics, having a diploma is not a guarantee of advantageous employment.

What should the job seeker do if a higher education is the requirement of many employers? And are there such jobs where it is achievable to make a career and receive a decent wages without special knowledge? Of course, there are professions (doctors, lawyers, economists, etc.), where it is impossible and illegally to work without the diploma. However, it is likely to find offers where personal qualities and skills are the main criteria when applying for a job.

We give some examples of the vacancies where you can succeed and fulfill your potential.

Office Manager

The company's activity is very difficult to imagine without an office manager who enables efficient operation of the office. As a rule, his/her responsibilities include the management of the secretariat and support staff, the purchase of office supplies, planning and preparation of the budget, controlling correspondence. As this post is considered to be an administrative position it would be rather hard to be employed without a college degree. In order to do this, you need to look for the companies where good organizational skills, ability to make decisions quickly, knowledge of computer programs and business etiquette are the basic requirements. If the office manager copes well with professional duties, he/she may manage a small team or the whole department.

Executive Assistant

Many people mistakenly believe that the executive assistant and office manager is one and the same post, but they have a lot of common duties. The duty regulations include a wide range of the requirements - receiving phone calls, working with documents, keeping the working schedule and implementation of other instructions. Executive assistant is the image of the company, so good appearance often plays a big role while choosing the candidate. Career prospect of the worker is getting the administrative post.

Administrative Manager

The administrative manager works practically in all spheres of our life - in the hotel business, restaurants, beauty salons, shopping mall etc. In some cases, workers may combine the functions of other positions (office manager, executive assistant). The administrative manager advises clients, oversee the work of staff, working with reports and documentation. Job allows achieving the post of the Department manager, but you are to be organized, disciplined and attentive worker.

Customer Service Manager

Customer Service Manager is very perspective profession, because the service industry is actively developed and is in great demand. The duties of the employee are to advise clients, the presentation and sale of goods and services, the signing of contracts and agreements. Revenue of the manager is not very high, but the qualitative performance of requirements can expand your professional duties.


The functions of the HR-specialist used to change with time. Now the range of their duties includes the development of management strategies, overseeing the labor market, the selection of workers, organizing of trainings. To work as HR-manager can each person, even without a higher education, but it is necessary to complete supplementary courses. Career prospects are pretty decent - the expansion of professional responsibilities and in some cases it can lead to the post as CEO of the company.


Merchandiser is a specialist whose main function is to promote sales and ensure goods appear in the right retail stores. The main duties of the worker include forecasting profits, planning product ranges, controlling stock levels, meeting with suppliers.  Just a few years ago the profession was practically unknown to anyone, but now it is in great demand. It does not need specialized knowledge for the job, but such qualities as diligence, responsibility and communication skills will be a good advantage in the career path.

Office Clerk

No doubt that office clerks are necessary workers for any company and organization and only a high school diploma is required for this post. The worker must be communicative as he/she works closely with many people including potential clients. The knowledge of PC and computer programs is one of the main abilities of an office clerk whose duties include creating reports, documents, spreadsheets, answering emails. In order to reach a success in this rather tedious profession, it is necessary not only to follow the appearance and prefer business style, but also have non-standard thinking and offer creative ideas.

Sales Representative

In our world, everything can be sold in different quantities - from quite real physical objects to completely unimaginable things. That is why the sales representative is a necessary person in each company. The worker should develop sales and plans to ensure profit growth, manage personnel and help the company reach efficient results. Before you begin, you need to decide what area of ​​activity is more interesting and closer for you. If you have the necessary qualities (communication skills, initiative, ability to be assertive and persuasive), your income can go up to a very decent level.

Computer Operator

Computer operator is a good beginning of a career and a great opportunity to get practical experience and knowledge. The worker using special software, add the information to the database of a personal computer, sorts material, conducts calculation, type correspondence, perform clerical duties. Minimum a high school diploma is required to be employed. The mail disadvantage of the job is that the operator constantly sits in front of a computer monitor and a very great strain on the eyes is inevitable.


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