A Job Interview That You've Failed: Reasons Why You Can't Get A Job Offer

14.06.2016 7204

Well, you're a great candidate with a great resume. You're getting interviews—maybe even second or third round interviews—but then it stops. Somebody else gets the job.

It's hard to admit it, but if you’re getting rejected time after time for jobs that you are qualified for, the problem is most likely with you. Hiring managers and recruiters don’t get paid to reject people. Their job is to find qualified people to fill vacancies. So, what are you doing wrong? Here are three warning signs you should look into.

You Aren't Getting Called For Interviews

When you’ve been actively applying for jobs, it can get really frustrating when you aren’t getting called for interviews.

One reason you aren’t making it to the interview round might be because hiring managers don’t see you as qualified enough for the position. Look at the job descriptions and at your resume. Do you meet at least 80% of the job requirements? If you don't - maybe you should consider applying to the position you fit better. If you do - the reason you don't get called is most likely in your resume.

So, the first thing to do is to check your resume and cover letters. And then tailor them until they are excellent.

Tailoring your resume means finding what is most relevant, creating a section for it, and filling it up with experience or qualifications that will catch a hiring manager’s eye. If that means nixing “Work Experience,” creating a “Marketing and Social Media Experience” section, then throwing everything else in an “Additional Experience” section, then so be it.

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Also, for every requirement in the job posting that you meet, somewhere on your resume, you should explain that you have that skill, experience or education. If you aren’t customizing your resume to include the appropriate information, then your resume won’t get the attention it deserves by recruiters and hiring managers – and you won’t get as many calls for interviews.


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