Almost Everyone Has Made Some of These Networking Mistakes—Have You?

30.04.2015 1241

There are tons of articles even on our site about various ways to use social networks to find useful connections. This way is perhaps one of the most efficient ones to get recommendations, however, if you use this step badly it may do you a bad service. Sometimes people overuse the advice they found online and this may lead to the reverse effect of networking.

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Let’s take a look at the 4 most common mistakes and how can you avoid them.

Focusing on yourself

The number one aim of networking is to find right connections and to ask the right people to get a recommendation for a job. However, some might go over the board telling about how great they are for the job. If you keep on talking about yourself you will bore the person you are talking to very soon. Instead, what you should do is start listening to people and asking questions about their job, what they like about it and how did they manage to get so good at it.

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