Best Time to Schedule a Job Interview

10.08.2016 2465

You’re invited to an interview and the employer asks, “What are some times you are available for an interview?”

While it’s important to pick times that work for you, studies actually show that some times and days work better than others. If you do have a choice, choose the time when the employer will be most focused on you and keep these 4 tips in mind:

Best Time Is From Tuesday to Thursday

To ensure you have the hiring manager’s full attention avoid attending interviews on a Monday or Friday. We all know what it feels like in first thing on a Monday morning, trying to plan the week ahead, or resolve issues that were left unattended before the weekend. By the time Friday comes along, your interviewer will be equally stressed; as they attempt to complete their scheduled tasks for the week, you’ll be unlikely to get their full attention.

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Don’t Wait For The Last Minute

Avoiding the last time slot of the day is also a good idea. By then, employers may have had a long day and are ready to call it a day. It’s also easier to be distracted and while they’re interviewing you, they might actually be thinking about what to make for dinner or something going on at home!

Don’t Be In The Middle

Something called “decision fatigue” becomes a factor for the interviewer as the day progresses.

A study by the National Academy of Science revealed applicants for parole were less likely to be granted a favorable judgment as the day progressed. The study found that judges became more cautious or defaulted to rejection as they gradually lost their ability to examine applications thoroughly throughout the day.

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If you’re sneaking out from your current job on your lunch hour for job interviews, be aware pre- or post-lunch appointments have their drawbacks, too. A pre-lunch interview may end up getting cut short (a growling stomach may be a dead giveaway). A 1:00 p.m. interview time can be sabotaged by an inattentive waitress who causes your interviewer to return late from lunch.

10am On A Wednesday

Ideally, you want to schedule the interview between 10am and 11:30am on a Wednesday. Studies have shown Tuesday is one of the most productive days of the week, so given that Mondays are an unpopular day of the week and few people focus well on Fridays, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday would be an ideal time to schedule your interview.

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Above all else, the amount of preparation you put into an interview will have the greatest effect on whether or not you land the job. Keep in mind that although timing is important, ultimately, it’s more important to interview at a time you are most alert and at the top of your game.


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