Body hacking

30.11.2014 34

Body hacking

  1. Exercise. Working out is the single best way to get more energy. And it doesn’t just energize you; exercise also combats disease, brightens your mood, and helps you sleep better.
  2. Eat better. What you eat has a huge effect on your energy levels. The worse you eat, the quicker you’ll burn out, and the less energy you’ll have to get stuff done.
  3. Stop drinking caffeine habitually. Caffeine begins to lose its effects when you drink it as part of your routine, but it’s very effective when you drink it strategically (like when you need an energy boost or need to focus).
  4. Consume caffeine intelligently. Drink caffeine over a longer period of time, drink water alongside caffeine, stay away from sugary energy drinks, eat very well when you consume caffeine, don’t drink caffeine on an empty stomach, and wait before consuming a second coffee/tea.
  5. Drink more water. Water boosts your energy, fires up your metabolism, helps you think, acts as an appetite suppressant, helps your body flush out toxins, reduces the risk of many diseases, clears up your complexion, and even saves you money!
  6. Drink 16oz of water right after you wake up. Right after you wake up every morning, drink at least 16oz (500mL) of water. Your body just went eight hours without any fluids, and is likely dehydrated.
  7. Keep a food diary. People who keep a diary of the food they consume tend not to overeat, and “usually eat up to a third less food than people who don’t.”
  8. Get enough sleep, even if that means sleeping in. Sleep boosts your concentration, attention, decision-making skills, creativity, social skills, and health, and decreases mood fluctuations, stress, anger, and impulsiveness. There’s also “no difference in socioeconomic standing” between early risers and night owls.
  9. Say no to that nightcap. Drinking alcohol before bed lowers your sleep quality, which provides you with less energy the next day. Drink something else, or consume alcohol earlier in the evening.
  10. Set your office thermostat between 70º–72ºF (21–22ºC). This is the temperature that will make you the most productive.
  11. Constantly reflect on how much energy you have, and act accordingly. When you constantly ask yourself how much energy you have, you can make adjustments to either recharge when you’re low on energy, or take on bigger, badder tasks when you have a lot of energy. You’ll also start to notice trends after a while.
  12. Calculate your “Biological Prime Time” (the time of the day you’re the most productive) by charting your energy levels every day for a week.
  13. Smile! Smiling boosts your immunity, makes you happier, helps you deal with stress and focus on the bigger picture, makes others trust you more, and of course, feels great.
  14. Paint your office the right color. Science says you should paint a room blue to stimulate your mind, yellow to stimulate your emotions, red to stimulate your body, and green to stimulate a sense of balance.

By Chris Bailey


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