Boost Up Confidence In Yourself Before Interview

11.02.2014 673

Almost every job seeker is familiar with excitement and panic fear before the interview. Unsure speech, trembling hands, preposterous answers can permanently cross out the perspective of employment in the company. How to increase your confidence, to show your best sides and become a worthy candidate?

Excitement is one of the main dangers of jobseekers, because of which a huge number of qualified candidates are not able find a good job.

Before the interview

Step 1 - only positive emotions

To be prepared and know preliminary answers to possible questions is not enough for the successful interview. But you might ask, “How is it possible to stay in a good mood if the excitement and uncertainty are becoming the main competitors?”. There are at least 3 ways to reach it:

• Come for the interview 30-40 minutes before the appointed time. Find a quite place where you feel comfortable and relaxed. Try to remember the most pleasant moments of your life: a good holiday, the most successful professional achievements of the previous work, etc. It is very important that these episodes will bring only good emotions which you could absorb and soak up. This method really helps to raise confidence and stay in the right mood.

• Call your best or close friends and ask them for a conversation that can encourage and support you. Maybe this will help and you will hear the words which allow looking at the situation with a different view.

• Think about your best personal and professional qualities and identify those that are appropriate for the position. Do not be afraid to share them with the employer. Remember that your advantages are your strength, so therefore you actually begin to believe in your own abilities and skills.

Positive attitude is the initial and a very important step on the way to your goal. Try to relax before the interview, remember the good moments of life, and call a friend to give confidence for the conversation with the employer.

Step 2 – Pay attention to the emotional part

In fact, little excitement is even useful, it actually helps to mobilize forces and concentrate on the task. If you have a little time, you can effectively increase your confidence by doing breathing exercises or with the help of autotraining. 

Step 3 - At a job interview

What to do if the excessive excitement does not leave you during an interview with a recruiter? Try to do a simple exercise: take a few deep slow breaths and smile. It will be better if you look into the eyes of the recruiter during your dialogue.

Sometimes there are situations when the fear is so paralyzing that the person is not able to answer questions. In this case, it is better to ask for cup of water and explain that you are too worried. In most cases the employer is willing to make concessions, especially if the candidate is a true professional.

Try to understand the main causes of fear - lack of work experience, age, long break from work etc. In many cases, these negative aspects can be presented on the other side and may be turned it into the advantage.

Breathing exercises or autotraining are very useful before the interview. In any case try to understand the reasons of your panic and think about the ways of solution the problem.


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