Business Etiquette: Rules That Matter

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In business there are times we need to take part of social situations like business dinners and professional meetings outside the office. And knowing the difference in etiquette between them and standart socilizing is not only important, it is the key to your success.

The rules are slightly different from standard social settings, yet business schools rarely discuss professional etiquette topics. Here are 20 business-etiquette rules every professional should know:

Always Say Your Full Name

When you are being introduced to someone on a business meeting or eve a party with colleagues - always say your full name. If it's difficult to pronounce or too long to remember - try to shorten it. You can even just make yourself some bisuness cards and hand it to a person after introducing yourself. It would be much easier for the person to remember your name and to pronounce it right.

Always Stand Up When You're Being Introduced To Someone

Stand when meeting someone and/or shaking hands. Nothing irks me more than seeing someone meet someone new in a business (or personal, for that matter) setting, and remaining seated while being introduced and/or shaking hands.

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Always Dress Appropriately

Dress up! Yes, you're an entrepreneur & you can dress the way you want, but it's not OK to show up for a meeting in a Hawaiian shirt, shorts or sandals!

Do Not Say 'Thank You' Too Much

During a conversation if you need to say 'thank you' do it only once or twice. Repeating it too much can make you look needy and helpless. Respect yourself.

Put Your Cell Phone Away

Do not place your telephone on the table during a meeting. Best option - leave your cell phone in the car or in your briefcase. Having it in front of you is a distraction to both you and your client and it sends a negative message that you don't mind interrupting your meeting for something inconsequential. Schedule a time to return all phone messages on the same business day.

Send Handwritten Thank Yous

Creating a great business is about building and maintaining positive relationships. Everyone appreciates being acknowledged for their gift of money and time. So, send handwritten "Thank you" notes.

Keep It Professional

Do not become too casual with your clients. Although it is important to build strong relationships, keep it professional at all times. Even at company parties have fun, but remember that you are conducting business.

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Don't Get Too Relaxed

At business lunches, dinners, and networking events, it is possible to be too relaxed. Watch the alcohol intake. We've all seen the tipsy employee who's making an impression, but not the impression they intended.

Profit from Punctuality

Punctuality is a must! Be on time for ALL appointments. Always finish the job ahead of time. Those are two of the best ways to get people to help you in your business and to get repeat business. "Half of success is just showing up in a timely manner."

Find The Time To Read Emails

When you feel information overloaded, you may end up answering emails with rude, unstructured 1 liners, full of typos, without reading all of the information. TIP: no matter how busy you are, take time to read and think before answering.

Don't Interrupt

One of the worst etiquette no-no's are people who interrupt others either in a business conversation or a presentation. It can be tongue-bitingly difficult to force ourselves not to interject, especially when the discussion is heated. Don’t. It’s rude and shows disrespect for the opinions of others. Remember, be assertive, not aggressive.

Know the Names

Give others respect by knowing their names which will increase goodwill and communication. it is also worth management stepping back and acknowledging people individually for their good work as this will enhance their self esteem and increase motivation.

Be on Time

We’re all busy. Being punctual shows others that you value their time. Being late doesn’t mean that you’re busier than other people; it just means that you’re inconsiderate.

Observe the ‘ Elevator Rule ‘

Be mindful of saying appropriate things at a job interview or client meeting. Don’t start discussing business with a client or interviewer as soon as you step out of the lift. By doing so, you avoid the risk of damaging your reputation.

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Be Careful What You Order

By ordering something expensive you might seem like you're taking advantage of your host. Be smart about what you order. Also, learn table manners. Knowing what to do allows you to concentrate on the conversation, not on which fork to use. Good manners make you look polished and poised.

Call Back

If you want to come across professionally (and even classy), return phone calls promptly. It's good business etiquette, and besides, it's something that your competitor may not even be doing!

Pay Attention

This means listening hard and showing that you are. Look at the person who is speaking, take notes, be alert and do NOT be distracted by your mobile, tablet or laptop…unless you are using it to take notes. And if that is the case, explain that that’s what you’re doing.


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