CV vs. Resume: What's the Difference

16.06.2016 22291

When searching for a job online, sometimes you will notice employers requesting a CV as opposed to a resume. What exactly is a CV and how does it differ from a resume?

What is a CV?

Unless you’re applying to a job that specifically requests a CV, or are looking for a job in academia, you’ll likely never need a CV — most jobs use resumes. Modern hiring professionals want a quick summary of your most valuable skills — after all, they have a lot of applicants to weed through before they make their list of people to interview.

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A CV is not brief, nor does it only list the skills needed for any single given job. Instead, a CV is a lengthy document (often more than five pages and almost always more than two) that lists all of your work history, published works, presentations, affiliations and academic achievements. It’s meant to establish your position as an expert in your field. Although that would seem useful for nearly anyone, sending a CV when a resume is called for is a sure fire way to destroy your chances at any given resume-driven job.


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