Career development: Words That Can Ruin It

12.05.2015 161813

Sometimes even a couple of words you say can end your career. In order to help you avoid such mistakes and know when it is better to keep your mouth shut – we’ve collected top 5 most dangerous expressions at the work place.

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Let’s begin with the most annoying expression for the most employees.

‘I don’t know’

These words are perhaps the most annoying words any employer ever heard from his employees. It does not matter the situation, the question asked, you should try to avoid these words at all times. When the employer hears these words, he thinks several things – first, that you are incompetent, second - that you are not interested in the job and not able to organize the work on his own. 

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You may be tempted to think of something and start lying just not to show that you do not know. Instead – the only right way is to get out of this situation is to say that you will figure out how to do this task in the next hour/day/two days.


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