Difficult Types Of Interviewers And How To Impress Them

04.03.2016 1159

It can be easy to lose your nerve when faced with difficult interviewers. But there are steps you can take to win them over and land the job.

Even if you’ve prepared thoroughly, there are such types of interviewers who can really knock your confidence and have you doubting your abilities. That's why we've prepared the list of three types of the most difficult interviwers and how to prepare for a conversation with them and adjust your answers based on what kind of a person is interviewing you.

Type #1 - The Interviewer Who Is Hard To Impress

If you've achieved success on your previous job it is natural to apply for a higher position or a bigger and more successful company. But you should consider that your impressive accomplishments are not that unique at your new role/company. Your new colleagues surely are as skilled as you and know as much as you do or even more.

That's why the hiring manager can play hard-to-impress. He/she just wants for you to understand that you won't be the only star in the company. Putting you into the atmosphere of stress will show them how well do you respond if your achievements are not enough to impress them.

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If you'll take it personally and start doubting yourself there's a chance you won't get a job-offer. Be sure that interviewer understands how great you are, so don't be annoyed by their behaviour. Talk about how great your team was on the previous position, it will show them that you are a great team-member or leader. Tell them about the difficulties you faced and how that experience improved you as a professional. This way you're still talking about your accomplishments but do not come as an arrogant candidate.


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