Does The Phrase "I'll Call You Right Back" Always Mean You Didn't Get The Job

25.03.2016 2871

Every job-seeker is afraid to fail the job-interview and hear recruiter say: 'We will be in touch' or 'We will let you know'. But is this 'promise' really means that you didn't get the job? We've decided to figure this out and asked some experts the questions that have been bothering all job-seekers for so long.

Every HR-manager has their own strategy about a phrase like 'We will call you back'. Usually, if candidate isn't right for the job HR-managers use common phrases like that. It means 'We will call you back if we decide to hire you' in most cases. Because that what most recruiters do: they call candidate to talk about a job-offer or additional details. If you don't fit for the job, they most likely will send you an email with rejection.

So, if you hear something like "We will let you know" it often means you didn't get the job. Often, but not always. There are times when such phrases really mean that there is a possibility employer will contact you again. It happens when a position has just been opened and they are not sure about the responsibilities and salary wage. Recruiters task at this point is to make a small research, analyze what salary candidates would want to be paid and gather a group of promising, interesting candidates for the position. If the position does opens and you will fit by the salary wage and required skills, they might call you back and ask for an interview.

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Also, sometimes there are situations when a candidate is great, but a company cannot make an offer at this time. That's when companies can call you back when they have a better offer. Sometimes, when a choice between candidates is tough, HRs make an offer to the best candidate, but others are often saved 'for the future'. It is quite often when a job-seeker gets an offer a few months after an interview. When there's a new position opened or previous candidate, for some reasons, left the job.

If you hear a phrase like 'We will be in touch' - do not leave without asking about how long should you wait for a call. You can have other job offers and you have a right to know about you perspectives.


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