Effective Ways To Train Your Brain

23.07.2015 37830

Have you ever noticed that the older you become the harder it is to do the work you don't know? It is scientificaly proved that our brain is so lazy that it automatically chooses things it already knows. Our brain tries to lower the energy we waste, so it creates "programms" we do automatically every day. When you read your fauvorite newspaper or work at the job you know well, or speak with your native language - your brain is degradating. A biologist Richard Semon named this programms our brain creates "engrams". They exist in the form of roads in our brain. We create them as we start to do some things over and over again.

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The longer we repeat someting - the less energy our brain spends on it. And the bad thing about it is that way brain loses it's flexibility. Imagine your brain as a concrete that will get rock-hard if you won't mix it. If you don't want it to happen, and you don't, doing these things will help you:

Get out of you comfort zone

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If you feel uncomfortable when something familiar, like your favourite site changes, you should notice that every time and get profit of it. If your favourite ice-cream is out of stock - don't be mad about it! When that happens think about why not to set yourself a goal to taste every other single ice-cream flavor in that shop?


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