Employer and Employee Dilemma: Who Is The 'Bad Guy'?

27.02.2016 2302

Every manager has a story about an underperformer. Working with an underperformer ranks as one of the most difficult challenges any manager will face. Whether your underperformer consistently produces “meh” work, makes the same mistakes again and again, or just feels like dead weight on the team.

As a manager, it can be easy to dismiss the problem as the employee, but it’s important to realize that in almost every situation, there’s another side to the story. After all, there are plenty of managers out there who yell at their teams, who feel a little too much self-righteous boss power, and who don’t actually manage at all. Of course, there are also employees who slack off, disrespect authority, and don’t have any interest in the job beyond the paycheck.

Whether you like it or not, sometimes exactly bad managing is a problem. To help you figure out who's right, here are six sighns that it's not your employee who is the problem, it's you.

You Fail At Goal Setting

Sharing your goals increases their effectiveness. Whether with your peers, your team or your partners, shared goals enable greater collaboration, communication, and a greater degree of unity. Besides that, your team must have the knowledge of what goals do you have for each of them, for the hole team and for yourself as a manager. If team doesn't know where they are going, how do you expect them to reach the destination point?

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By establishing and monitoring targets, you can give your employees real-time input on their performance while motivating them to achieve more.

Take time upfront to ensure everyone understands their mission — and agrees on how it will be achieved. Make sure that everyone has an opportunity to contribute - draw out certain individuals(underperformers, for example) and ask for their input, especially in meetings, or steer particular aspects of a project their way.


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