Everything You Need To Know About Unemployment in Nigeria

21.03.2016 7195

What is unemployment? It is when a person is willing and able to work but cannot find a job. Nigeria is facing many problems and but unemployment is pretty much one of the most serious. Many people in our country are either unemployed or working underemployed. And while human resources are very important for the country - we are wasting them because of unemployment.

The number young people who are unemployed in Nigeria is at alarming stage and still increasing every year. A great number of youths, who are willing to work, cannot find a job. Not everybody knows and understands that the economic well being of our country highly depends on the solution of this problem. And, unfortunately it gets worse. Here are top news about unemployment in Nigeria that you need to know.

No N5000 Payments To Unemployed Youth

President Mohammadu Buhari told the media that he is not going to pay the N5000 stipend, which he promised to Nigerian unemployed youth.

During the elections in 2015, Buhari's party - the All Progressives Congress (APC) promised N5,000 for unemployed Nigerians. But recently Buhari decided that this is not the promise that should be fulfilled.

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According to President, it is no longer the priority of his administration. In Saudi Arabia Buhari has said that he would rather correct the infrastructure and the school and also empower agriculture, so that everyone able and willing to work could go and get it, instead of just giving N5,000 to those who don’t work.


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