Find Out TV Star You Look Like at Work

02.02.2015 101

Surely, you have heard of the popular ABC series Scandal. We have been described some TV star characters and you can know who of them you look like at work.

She is an aggressive enterprising person who is good worker and does anything to protect the interest of her clients and employees, even if she has to break some rules. Olivia never shows her vulnerability but can admit her mistakes and try quickly to fix it. If this is your character then you’re an awesome colleague, helping others you get people around willing to help you when you need it. And the ability to admit when you’re wrong shows others that you are good person and they can relate to you.


It is important to note that Rowan has been "Command" for more than 22 years that shows Rowan as a strong personality. He has that power, there has to be a tremendous ego to fill that power. He will say things that other characters can’t. So, Rowan is arguably the scariest character.


He is a good guy who follows the rules but sometimes gets irritated when some people willing to break  David is confronting with those who are doing wrong, no matter how it looks. He doesn't stop until he brings the person responsible for any crime brought to justice them. If this is you, our advice is take a back seat for some time and just keep watch over. You should behave wiser, no one likes a talker. 


We know him as a sweet-talker and a charmer, he can talk about anaything. As well, he is a "fast" talker which comes in handy for his line of work both in law - as a attorney - and as a "fixer".
He likes to buy women presents, because it makes it more likely that they'll either sleep with him or give him a second date. When he buys a woman dinner they'll know he's interested.


The perfect example of a political lobbyist, pushy, brazen, conniving, and does absolutely anything to get what he wants, and says whatever is on his mind. But on a more positive note when Hollis does see a problem he takes care of it right away, although it might not always be the best solution. Are you a bulldozer at work? Sometimes being aggressive is a good thing but a happy medium should be found so you aren't considered the “Hollis” of the office.


Source CareerAddict


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