Forever Young: Six Footballers Who Are Older Than They Claim To Be

04.09.2015 604203

Football is a tricky game. Some players are pretending to be hurt at the field and some are pretending to be younger that they actually are. But why do they do that? That is pretty simple. Player's age gets cut in order to sell the player more profitable to the other team.

There are not a lot of such cases, though. By most part they are only rumors. For example, there are many talks about Joseph Minala this year, who claims to be 18 years old. And he is according to his documents. Minala plays for Lazio FC and he is definitely doesn't look like he is 18. In fact some of his childhood friends claim that he is nearly 40.

Although, Joseph Minala is not the only one. Here are six football players that have cutten their age ruthlessly:

# 6 - Taribo West

Age Difference - 12 years

A Nigerian footballer Taribo West has been accused of lying about his age in 2013. The former Nigeria centre half, now retired, joined Serbian team Partizan Belgrade in 2002 after leaving Derby County and told club bosses he was 28. But in 2013 the ex-president of Partizan, Zarko Zecevic, has accused him of lying, saying the defender was actually 40.

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'He joined us saying he was 28. We only later found out he was 40, but he was still playing well so I don’t regret having him on the team,' Zecevic said.

Today his Wikipedia entry says he is 41.


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