Get 90% of Your Work Done Before Lunch Using These Productivity Tips

05.02.2016 8511

Even though it seems impossible, some of the most successful people get as much as 90% of their work done before lunch. You might think that you would have to wake up before dawn or lock yourself in your office every morning to get that much out of the way, but that’s not the case. There are much easier and a lot more pleasant ways to upgrade your productivity. So if you want to become more productive - here are 15 tips for getting 90 percent of your work done in the morning, after which you can push back from your desk to enjoy a leisurely lunch.

Become An Early Bird

Every successfull businessman will assure you that a productive day need to start at early hour. Be like Richard Branson and set the alarm for an hour or two earlier and use the quiet dawn hours to power into your To Do list. When it comes to business success, the early bird absolutely gets the worm. But you should remember that getting a good night's sleep makes it much easier to have a good and productive morning.

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